General Timeline

Below is the general timeline for the campus to transition to a semester-based calendar. Links to detailed timelines are also on this page.

2013-14    Project director selection (COMPLETED)
Steering committee formation/member selection (COMPLETED)
Subcommittees formation/member selection (COMPLETED)
Budget development (COMPLETED)
Spring/Fall 2014 Committees begin meeting (COMPLETED)
Summer/Fall 2014    Departments begin curriculum review/revision (COMPLETED)
Fall 2015

Departments to submit curriculum (COMPLETED)

Begin advising for Quarter Students (students who graduate before fall 2018) (UNDERWAY)

Winter 2017

Infrastructure system changes tested

All curriculum approved

Summer 2017

Advising for all Transition Students (students who will be enrolled in both the quarter and semester systems)

Infrastructure changes moved to production

Fall 2017 Course Conversion Guide released
Winter & Spring 2018 Catalog and Degree Progress Reports ready
August 23, 2018

First day of Semester Classes (Fall 2018)