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Great Blue Herron at Project Blue Stream

Clean Water
A Valuable Resource

At CPP, there are several bioswales around campus which are landscape features designed to manage stormwater runoff and improve water quality. They are constructed to mimic natural processes by capturing, filtering, and infiltrating rainwater into the ground rather than allowing it to flow directly into storm drains or waterways. A bioswale typically consists of a shallow, vegetated channel or depression with gently sloping sides. It is designed to slow down and retain stormwater, allowing it to infiltrate into the soil while filtering out pollutants and sediments. The vegetation within the bioswale helps absorb water, enhance filtration, and promote evapotranspiration.

Quick Information

Hydration Stations

Hydration Stations

Take back the Tap!  Use campus hydration stations to refill your water bottle and avoid single-use bottles.  View a map and list of Cal Poly Pomona buildings with Hydration Stations.
Water dashboard

Water Dashboard

A Cal Poly Pomona Water Dashboard is coming soon.  See the "CSU Systemwide Water Use by Source" table on page 46 of the "Sustainability in the California State University:  The First Assessment of the 2014 Sustainability Policy (2014-2017)."

Water Conservation

Since 1965, Cal Poly Pomona has been using reclaimed water to irrigate fields and pastures. We have constructed a water filtration facility on campus to better utilize the ground water in university-owned wells.