Room Scheduling for Events

What is Room Scheduling for Events?

Room Scheduling  for Events at Cal Poly Pomona is handled through the PeopleSoft management software, within the Office of Academic Planning & Resources.  Room Scheduling for Events manages all lecture spaces throughout the campus and the engineering meadow.  Events are assigned to campus spaces using the PeopleSoft Event Scheduling system.

  • Lab space requests will require prior approval from the College Scheduling Coordinator (refer to contact list below) and information is to be included in the Special Instructions field of the request.
  • Student Club space requests will be processed by the Office of Student Life.
What will this website allow me to do?

This website will allow you to create a request and then track it as our staff team responds and completes your request (requests will be completed within 5 business days).  A confirmation email will be sent to the requestor once the request is received and for additional communication.  Contact information to change your request and supplemental information about scheduling and room resources can be found here.

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Important Note: To reserve spaces listed below, please contact the respective entities: