College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Program Components

The Master’s Program in Public Administration provides the student with administrative management skills by offering a balance to theoretical, analytical, practical, and professional aspects of public management. The completion of the program requires 48 quarter hours, which includes 44 hours of coursework and 4 hours for completion of a written thesis, final project (including an oral defense) or a culminating examination.

All students are required to complete 32 hours of core courses and 16 hours of concentration or elective courses. These may be chosen in consultation with the student’s advisor from program electives provided within or outside the Department of Political Science and approved by the Graduate Coordinator. The 48 quarter hours of course work are expected to be graduate level courses at the 500 level or above. Elective or concentration area credit may be taken at the 300 or 400 level if there is a strong justification and the graduate coordinator approves. Full-time students may complete the MPA within two academic years.

Persons who are not full time employees in the public sector or with an nongovernmental organization may need to complete 4 units of an internship. See internship in current student web page.