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Electives & Areas of Interest


Electives (12 Semester hours)

The second academic component of the MPA is a concentration area, chosen by the student to serve his or her academic and career goals. These areas include either a class in public law and ethics and additional classes in public management, public policy, human resources, budget and finance or area designed by the student and approved by the Graduate Coordinator.

Regardless of the student's concentration area, when taking courses from other departments and colleges, any prerequisites, sequences, class availability, and admissibility should be discussed with the course instructor. The student's Advisor will assist in picking appropriate courses, but ultimately they must conform to the Program of Study and be reviewed by the Graduate Coordinator.

Suggested Courses in Related Disciplines

Course Description
EC 660 Public Finance (4)

Public policies, principles, and standards of taxation and expenditures, budgeting, public goods, income redistribution, regulation, and development. Examine the equity and efficiency of public policy and assess the fiscal impact. 

4 hours seminar.

GBA 522 Information Systems Analysis and Design (4)

Introduction to object oriented analysis and design of` computer information systems. The system life cycle and its business environment. Case studies using event analysis, data dictionary, normalization and data modules. Class hierarchies, structures, and collaboration of objects. User/computer interface design. 

4 lectures/problem-solving.

GBA 524 Information Systems Development (4)

Introduction to computer programming. Use of event driven programming language to develop interactive business information systems. 

4 lectures/problem-solving.

GBA 531 Production and Operations Management (4)

Introduction to fundamental concepts of production and operations management. Use of quantitative methods, forecasting, resource allocation, decision theory, capacity planning, project management, inventory and quality control. 

4 lectures/problem-solving.

GBA 547 Management Information Systems (4)

Management and development of information systems in modern business and the public sector from the customer and the MIS perspective. Information as a strategic asset. Acquisition, analysis, integration, presentation of internal and external information. Information management in international and multinational enterprises. Ethical, social impacts. 

4 lectures/problem-solving.

GBA 554 Client/Server Computing (4)

Introduction to client/server computing environments. Relational database concepts, data modeling, and database design. Distributed database and processing techniques. 

4 lecture/problem-solving.

GBA 557 Computer Based Data Communications (4)

Introduction to the use of computers to support data communications. Information systems design issues related to hardware, software, media, networks and protocols. 

4 lectures/problem-solving. Prerequisite: GBA 522.

GBA 560 Legal Environment of Information Systems (4)

Fundamental and intermediate knowledge of the legal environment concerning EDP. Typical legal problems (private and public sector) arising from the acquisition, use and control of EDP. 

4 lecture discussions. Prerequisites: GBA 522 and GBA 530 or equivalent experience.

MPA 520 Intergovernmental Relations (4)

Issues explored: governance structures, federalism, intergovernmental grants, local and state relationships, legislative and administrative relationships, legislative intent, oversight and monitoring, inter¬governmental decision making, administrative ethics.

4 hours seminar. Prerequisites: Completion of three core courses.

GBA 578 Security and Privacy of Information Systems (4)

Practical case study approach to solving security problems peculiar to the commercial and public sector data systems environment. 

4 lecture discussions. Prerequisites: CIS 433 and GBA 557 or equivalent experience.

Areas of Interest for Electives

Areas of Interest Recommended Colleges And Courses
Community Development and Urban Planning Economics (EC)
(EC) Business Economics (for noneconomic students)

Urban and Regional Planning
(URP) 505 Economic, Social and Environmental Context for Planning
(URP) 506 Legal Foundations of Urban and Regional Planning
(URP) 513 Evaluation of the Planning Process
(URP) 534 Urban Housing and Community Development (URP 505 pre- rec.)
(URP) 535 Regional Transportation Planning and Policy
Education Administration 

(Please note: EDU may be attended by MPA students)
Graduates School of Education (EDU)
(EDU) 505 Introduction to Education Administration
(EDU) 512 School Law and Governance
(EDU) 550 Educational Issues

(GED) 546 School, Community and Home Relations
Environmental Issues and Administration Graduate Business Administration (GBA)
(GBA) 573 Environmental Issues in Entrepreneurship

Regenerative Studies (RS)
(RS) 501 Regenerative Practices

Urban and Regional Planning (URP)
(505) Economic Social and Environmental Context for Planning

Finance and Accounting Economics (EC)
(EC) Business Economics (for non-economics students)

Graduate Business Administration (GBA)
(GBA) 510 Financial Accounting
(GBA) 511 Financial Management Accounting

Urban and Regional Planning (URP)
(505) Economic Social and Environmental Context for Planning
Information Management Information Technology Graduate Business Administration (GBA)
(GBA) 522 Information Systems Analysis and Design
(GBA) 524 Information System Implementation and Programming
(GBA) 547 Management Information Systems
(GBA) 560 Legal Environment of Information Systems
(GBA) 570 Security and Privacy of Information Systems