College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

What MiPAAC Provides

Among the Council’s roles and responsibilities are the following:

  • To deliberate and approve the program’s mission statement and related goals,
  • To deliberate, develop and approve policies regarding all aspects of the program’s professional responsibilities to students and the broader CPP community,
  • To assess the program’s performance through a review of graduate papers, portfolios and related culminating materials,
  • To assist the program in meeting its obligations to provide the professional and intellectual resources needed to serve our diverse community,
  • To provide practical and current access to employment and internship opportunities in public service,
  • To guide the development and design of curriculum and to assure it meets the ongoing challenges of providing a public interest perspective to the identification and resolution of public issues,
  • To serve, as needed, as adjunct and guest lecturers providing practical and professional guidance to course work and culminating papers, and
  • To represent the MPA program to the public including the accrediting agency NASPAA.
  • During the recent state budget crisis the MPA program was able to continue to provide quality education to graduate students by drawing on MiPAAC members to staff class sessions and provide auxiliary support as needed.