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BioTiER Scholars Program

BioTIER Scholars Program

The BioTiER (Biological Training in Education and Research) Scholars Program is designed to prepare young, developing scientists for today's demanding work environment. The program integrates sector-specific career skills into the graduate training of scholars so they may exceed workplace demands in industry and academia on completion of their MS degrees.

The BioTiER program offers programming along 3 career-training tracks. The career tracks to be offered are for those pursuing careers in (1) STEM industries including biotechnology, environmental/green technology, biomedical engineering or pharmaceutical industries, (2) academia as a faculty member in a physical or life science department at the community college level, and (3) STEM fields that require the doctoral degree (Ph.D). It will create an educational network comprised of community colleges, companies in the STEM industries, and R01 research universities, with the Biological Sciences Department at Cal Poly Pomona as the central point of training and education.

NSF Grant #1259702