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Program Recognizing Outstanding Undergraduate Distinction (PROUD)

PROUD Scholars

The Program Recognizing Outstanding Undergraduate Distinction (PROUD) Award is given to outstanding students from throughout the CSU system. They are being recognized in the CSU-LSAMP PROUD annual publication and awarded a scholarship. These PROUD scholars have distinguished themselves in many ways: through their academic achievements, research experiences, service to their campuses and communities, post-graduation achievements, and through their compelling personal stories. CSU-LSAMP has been supporting students in STEM since 1993, and we’re “proud” of what we’ve achieved as a CSU Alliance. Within this publication we  feature some of those achievements. You can view some of the many outstanding individuals in the CSU LSAMP program, including some from Cal Poly Pomona, in the publications below.

2017 PROUD Scholar Publication

2016 PROUD Scholar Publication

2015 PROUD Scholar Publication

2014 PROUD Scholar Publication