College of Science

CSU-LSAMP Scholars 2008-2009

Priscilla Antunez

The LSAMP program has provided me with great opportunities to reinforce my knowledge and give back to my community by sharing this knowledge with other students; it has allowed me to travel and present my research; and it has also helped me financially through my graduate school application process (GRE preparation and application costs). This financial support allowed me to concentrate on my studies and maintain a good GPA without having to work more hours. All of these factors were key in receiving the USC’s Fellowship Award for my chemistry graduate studies beginning in the fall of 2009.

Kristin Spaulding

Kristin Spaulding, who graduated in 2010, was a facilitator for organic chemistry via the Academic Excellence Workshops offered through MEP and SEES.

This year I also had the privilege to go to a National American Chemical Society Conference in March,to present a poster on my research. I will apply for graduate programs in Chemistry for the fall.

Ryan Valles

Ryan Valles, a Math major, attended a REU program at Willamette University last summer. His research was in graph theory.

He also presented his work at the Joint Mathematical Conference in Washington DC in January of 2009.beginning in the fall of 2009.

Ge’Yanni Polk, a Biotechnology major worked with Dr. Bobich on seed germination and seedling responses to available light and water in Black Walnuts. She also measured gas exchange & uptake of CO2.

During my years at Cal Poly I have had a variety of different research experiences that allowed me to travel from Yale to Alaska. Going to the ABRCMS meeting this fall helped me to finalize my decision to attend California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo to pursue a degree in Polymers and Coatings Chemistry.

LSAMP has been a positive contributor to my academic career. It has allowed me funding for my research and provided me with the experience of facilitating AEWs.