College of Science

CSU-LSAMP Scholars 2009-2010

Jonathan Henry

Jonathan Henry is a fifth year Applied Mathematics Major. Jonathan was a 2008-2009 LSAMP Research Student who participated in a REU at UC Berkeley, MSRI-UP and presented his research at two different conferences. This academic year Jonathan, through the SEES program, has been mentoring freshmen students by helping them have a smooth transition into college, as well as making sure that their performance in their course work is exceptional.

Jaime Almaraz

Jaime Almaraz is a fourth year Civil Engineering student with a 3.68 GPA. He is an ambitious student who wants to succeed and make his family proud. His eyes are set on graduate school and Master’s degrees in both the Business and Engineering fields. Currently, Jaime works part time at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station in their Mechanical Systems & Analysis group and hopes to continue working there while he attends graduate school. Jaime hopes that his experience at the Power Plant will set him up for a bright future. Jaime hopes to make his family and the Latino community proud.