College of Science

Biological Sciences

Students in the Environmental Biology program have a variety of oportunities to participate in field activities and assist field scientists in data collection and analysis while exploring different sites.

Goal of the Program

Prepare students for careers in:

  • Air and water quality management
  • Environmental assessment & risk management
  • Resource management
  • Conservation biology
  • Environmental education & research

Scope of the Program

Study of several levels of Biological Organization including the

  • Biosphere
  • Ecosystems & Communities
  • Species
  • Populations
  • Organisms

Three Areas of Emphasis

  • Conservation Biology: Identify & protect critical habitat, manage rare & endangered species and design ecological reserves
  • Ecosystem Ecology & Management: Conduct ecological field research, manage natural resources on public & private lands, assess environmental impacts of proposed actions
  • Environmental Microbiology & Biotechnology: Laboratory research to assess water & air quality, transport & fate of pollutants, and environmental health in general.

Faculty in Environmental Biology