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College of Business Administration

Computer Information Systems

Welcome to the Computer Information Systems (CIS) Department at Cal Poly Pomona. CIS is an option for the degree of business administration. The CIS Department participates in several graduate degrees, including an emphasis in information management in the MBA program and a specialized master’s degree in information auditing (MSBA) and telecommunications.

CIS emphasizes solving business problems with computing technology. This can be the development of strategic information systems, implementation of enterprise-wide systems or creating Web 2.0 applications.

The CIS program has a “learn-by-doing” approach to teaching in which students participate in technology-based projects through service learning, internships and a mandatory group Senior Project with industry.

When asked about our graduates, employers often say that they “hit the ground running,” “have a can-do attitude,” “are great team leaders” and “are not afraid to work.”

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Student Testimonial


"CBA provides a great community for first-generation college students. Professors, advisors and peers support my academic and professional development, which led to an information technology internship." -- Nelson Tena