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College of Business Administration

Technology and Operations Management

An operations manager is responsible for planning, coordinating and supervising the creation, production and distribution of the goods and services of an organization. The student of technology and operations management will obtain the knowledge and skills needed to manage and improve the productivity of business operations and to continuously improve the quality of service and goods produced.

The Technology and Operations Management Department aims to provide an education to its students that will enable them to become successful managers in the business world now and into the 22nd century. Through its curriculum, the department concentrates on helping students develop competencies in critical thinking and technical and business integration skills.

To prepare students for managerial positions in the 22nd century, the department focuses on the role of technology and scientific management methods. Heavy emphasis is placed on the study of computer applications for helping managers plan, analyze data, make decisions and communicate.

The program prepares the graduate for careers managing services and manufacturing operations in small and large companies, national and international businesses, not-for-profit institutions and government. It also gives students the basic foundation for establishing and managing their own businesses.

Students in technology and operations management are provided a broad background in the field, after which they choose one of the following areas of specialization: Supply Chain Management, Management of Technology, Production Management and Service Operations Management.

Regardless of the area of emphasis, the general goals of the program are to help students develop their analytic, critical thinking and communication skills.

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Student Testimonial


"Professors clearly have a passion for supply chain and logistics and are always willing to work with me outside of class." -- J.J. Kim