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               Dow Worley

               El Agizy

               Thomas Newberry 

        SAP Certificate

Cal Poly, Pomona students who complete a minimum of 3 SAP University Alliance-approved courses with a grade of "C" or better are eligible to receive a SAP University Alliances Student Recognition Award (formerly known as the SAP Certificate) signed by the SAP University Alliances (UA) program manager and the Dean of the College of Business Administration. TOM and EBZ students typically will qualify to receive this award. The SAP UA Student Recognition Award (SSRA) can also be earned by other students who take 3 of these courses as electives. Students in accounting, computer information system, finance, human resource management, marketing management are especially likely to benefit from the SAP UA Student Recognition Award. Submit the completed application along with your transcripts to the TOM/EBZ ASC.

       Prerequisite Permission Numbers

Prerequisite permission numbers are required when student transcripts are not up to date therefore when registering, there is an error message saying that the student has not completed the prerequisite requirements. If you have completed the required prerequisited with a passing grade, you may receive a permission number to override this message and help to either enroll you or place you on the waitlist of the desired course. Please complete the prerequisite permission number request form to obtain a permission number. The form needs to be turned in to the department ASC for review. Only one permission number is issued to student per course. The department will not issue multiple numbers to help you in enroll in multiple sections of a course.

Please note that this process is only for overriding a prerequisite issue. If a permission number is required to override the class capacity to help you enroll, faculty consent is required. Reach out to the faculty and forward written approval to the department ASC for a class capacity overriding permission number.

Permission numbers to help you enroll into an internship course are only department approved. The internship application must be completed and turned in to the department chair for approval. Please refer to the internship process if you require to be enrolled in an internship course. 


TOM Advising

Faculty advisors are available throughout the day for your questions or concerns. Please view their office hours here

College of Business Administration Student Success Center

The Student Success Center (SSC) in Building 164, Room 1060, is designed to help all CBA majors by: (1) providing general academic information, (2) assisting in the completion/processing of various university forms (e.g., general academic petitions, drop petitions), and (3) maintaining a supply of most university petitions and forms. Please visit SSC and find out what services it offers.

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