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College of Education & Integrative Studies

What does IGE satisfy?

IGE provides an interdisciplinary undergraduate general education experience that prepares students to lead globally conscious, socially responsible, productive, satisfying, and ethical lives in a changing diverse world.

The table below shows how IGE satisfies university general education requirements. You may also consult the Cal Poly Pomona University Catalog.

Year - Completion of IGE Courses - Satisfies GE Requirements

Freshman - IGE 120, IGE 121, IGE122 - A2 (English 107, 109, or 110) as well as any 2 courses from Areas C1, C2, or C3

Sophomore - IGE 220, IGE 221, IGE 222 - D1 (8 units) and D3

Junior - IGE 223, IGE 224 - D2 and Area E

Remaining GE to be completed. See your major department for advisement.

  • Areas A1 and A3
  • Area B (16 units)
  • Area C4 and remaining course from C1, C2 or C3
  • Area D4