What does IGE satisfy?

IGE provides an interdisciplinary undergraduate general education experience that prepares students to lead globally conscious, socially responsible, productive, satisfying, and ethical lives in a changing diverse world.

The table below shows how IGE satisfies university general education requirements. You may also consult the Cal Poly Pomona University Catalog.


Completion of IGE Courses

Satisfies GE Requirements


IGE 120, IGE 121, IGE 122

A2 (English 107, 109, 110) as well as any 2 courses from Areas C1, C2, or C3


IGE 220, IGE 221, IGE 222

D1 (8 units) and D3


IGE 223, IGE 224

D2 and Area E

Remaining GE to be completed: 

  • Areas A1 and A3
  • Area B (16 units)
  • Area C4 and remaining course from C1, C2 or C3
  • Area D4

For more information about IGE, please visit the IGE Department Office, or call (909) 869-3347.