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2011 Kellogg Cuvée

The 2011 Horsehill Vineyards Kellogg Cuvée pays homage to the university’s legacy as well as to Cal Poly Pomona’s new tradition of winemaking. The red zinfandel commemorates the university’s 75th anniversary and is encased in deep olive-green glass with an elegant gold label silkscreened onto the bottle, a nod to the Bronco colors of green and gold.More than half of the grapes used in this full-bodied wine came from Horsehill Vineyards located on campus.

The cuvée is a blend of:

  • 61% Zinfandel
  • 20% Syrah
  • 12% Touriga Nacional
  • 7% Mataro. 

Kellogg Cuvée demonstrates vast complexity. Rich berry notes move into a smoky blend of spice and sweet floral aromas that are beautifully shrouded in a well-knit veil of tannins. All of the different varietals add dimension and style to a wine that reflects 75 years of history and devotion to a community, and serves as a tribute to those who have helped bring Cal Poly Pomona to the forefront of education.

Kellogg Cuvée is available for $25 a bottle at the Farm Store at Kellogg Ranch