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Reading Advising & Mentoring Program (RAMP)

The Reading, Advising, & Mentoring Program is a part of the Learning Resource Center (LRC), the University’s most comprehensive tutoring service. By providing, tutoring, workshops, test preparation, and study skills development, the LRC strives to promote student success.  

Although RAMP is housed within the LRC, RAMP is unique in that it is a TRIO Student Support Services program funded by the U.S. Department of Education. As a federally funded program, RAMP serves eligible students at Cal Poly Pomona.

The goal of RAMP is to provide academic and personal support to 250 eligible Cal Poly Pomona students so they persist at the University and graduate in a timely manner. RAMP services help students to improve reading and study skills, develop professional skills, and enhance personal growth. The program's main service is providing free reading tutorials once or twice per week for 50-minute sessions. 

Our Services

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