Free Reading Tutorials

Upon accepting a student to the program, RAMP staff design an individualized program of instruction tailored to the student's specific needs, developing college-level reading comprehension, active/critical reading, research skills, vocabulary, and reading rate. With a peer tutor, students work with a variety of materials, including computer applications; fiction and non-fiction books and anthologies; workbooks and textbooks; and participants' own reading materials from class. 

RAMP also provides tutoring for students preparing to take the CBEST, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, and other tests required for graduate school admission.

Tutoring begins week three of each term. We recommend that participants schedule their sessions during the first week of the term, but students can request tutoring at any time during the term. Scheduling occurs on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants attend reoccurring weekly or bi-weekly 50-minute tutorial sessions.

To set up tutoring, participants need to submit a Tutoring Request Form. Participants will receive an email with their appointment details. They can check their scheduled appointments on CPP Connect using their Cal Poly username and password and clicking on the Calendar tab.

What participants have to say about RAMP tutors:

She was extremely helpful. She gave me various tips on importing my reading comprehension and our time together wasn't’t awkward. I felt as if it was genuine and we were working in person.

I am grateful to have staff that cares about our education and can share the path we are taking. I am so grateful for the tutors and their dedication.

She was very helpful in giving me examples of how to do certain tasks based on my learning style which is kinesthetic and visual. She gave great advice and always took note of issues or significant things I said so that she could address them later. Karen has been the best tutor I've had so far.

My tutor was really helpful in making me feel comfortable and letting me know that the sessions were to help me with anything I needed. When going over articles, she would help me apply SQ3R which I learned last year and introduced me to the GWT. 

This is my second semester with Jessica and the experience has been nothing but positive. This semester she went out of her way to help me meet with an advisor and address some concerns I had in regard to my academics and plans for the future.