College of Science

About the Program

With the generous support of the Ernest Prete Jr. Foundation, CPP and its partner Pomona Unified School District are offering paid fellowships for STEM CPP students. Building upon an existing urban gardening program in PUSD this project will prepare and support a cadre of CPP students (Prete Fellows) who will work with an elementary teacher to integrate urban gardening lessons. The integration of urban gardening will increase PUSD pupils understanding and awareness of issues important to their families’ health as well as the impact of sustainable gardening as a tool to the preservation of environmental habitats in their neighborhoods and across the globe.

Prete Fellows participate in a variety of teaching and learning experiences devoting approximately 10 hours a week to the program including at least 6 hours at a PUSD elementary school, a monthly workshop and some preparation time. The program scaffolds experiences for Prete Fellows, culminating in co-teaching science lessons that integrate the school garden as a laboratory.

The Prete Fellowship program engages CPP students’ interest and motivates them to achieve academically, and pursue careers in science, mathematics and technology, including the teaching profession.  In addition, the Prete Fellows will become active members of a community creating environmentally responsible and literate citizens who individually and collectively, help ensure an ecologically and economically sustainable environment.