Scholarships & Benefits

Army ROTC is one of the largest providers of scholarships in the country, offering thousands of scholarships to students every year. Whether you're a college-bound high school student or already attending a college or university, you can compete for an Army ROTC scholarship. Scholarships are awarded based on a student's Scholar, Athlete, and Leader merits, and not on financial need.

Army ROTC scholarships are valuable in many ways:

  • 2, 3, and 4-Year Scholarship options
  • Full-Tuition or Room & Board Scholarships for $10,000 per year
  • Book Allowance of $1,200 per academic year
  • Monthly Stipend of $300-$500

High School students can learn about and apply for the 4 Year Army ROTC National Scholarship, by visiting the goarmy website at:

Learn more about all Army ROTC Scholarship options at:


Living Expenses for both Non-Scholarship and Scholarship Cadets

Army ROTC contracts include monthly living allowances for each school year. You can earn a Tax-free monthly stipend of $300-$500 depending on your level in the Army ROTC curriculum.

Priority Registration

As a contracted cadet, you receive priority registration each quarter of enrollment. By registering early, you will have more options in choosing courses to meet your degree requirements.