Center for Customer Insights and Digital Marketing

The Center for Customer Insights and Digital Marketing Advisory Board

Carlos Garcia

Advisory Board Member

“I am interested in getting involved in the CCIDM because I feel Cal Poly Pomona can play an important role in bringing multicultural voices to the marketing research industry. This is needed not just for our industry, but for our entire economy. When decision-makers have better, more complete information, they can make better decisions.”

Dave Ramos

Advisory Board Member

"Cal Poly Pomona was integral in my evolution as a professional. I joined the advisory board to provide support to students in their transition to the workforce, share knowledge of both the research and technology industries, and be inspired by the leaders of tomorrow. Being part of the board affords an opportunity to continually pay it forward."

Erantzeri Corona

Advisory Board Member

"I look forward to being involved in the CCIDM to help strengthen Cal Poly Pomona students' career prospects within Digital Marketing, a fast-growing area of the economy, as well as help provide input into areas of research for which the CCIDM is perfectly suited."

Ram Iyer

Advisory Board Member

 "I'm deeply honored to join Cal Poly Pomona's Academic Advisory Board for Customer Insights and Digital Marketing, bringing over 20 years of experience including Microsoft to enhance our understanding of AI's impact in digital realms. Excited to share insights and learn from students, I anticipate a mutually enriching journey at the intersection of digital marketing and AI advancements."