Center for Customer Insights and Digital Marketing

Andrea Escobar Vara

Andrea Escobar Vara

Customer Relationship Management Specialist

Research Associate

Major: Marketing

Interest: Marketing Research, Social Media, E-Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Cross-Cultural Research

Skills: Qualtrics, SPSS

Andrea is a Marketing student who transferred to CPP during Spring 2019. She joined the CCIDM at the end of Spring 2020 as a research assistant and later on as a CRM specialist. During her first year at CPP, she participated in the NASA Business Startup Program at Cal Poly. She also competed in the GfK NextGen Data Science Hackathon Competition 2020 with students from the Analytics and Marketing Club, where they received an honorary mention. She is currently working on exploratory research regarding the impact of culture on social media in the team “Regulatory Foci” advised by Dr. Jae Min Jung. She is expected to graduate in Spring 2021.

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Honors and Awards at the Center

  1. Awarded research grant ($8,000) for the project proposal, “Impact of Regulatory Foci and Culture on Consumers’ Use of Social media sharing function,” From LTD Program, Cal Poly Pomona, May 26, 2020 (with Patrick C. Ogaz, Jacob N. Linao, and Samuel Y. Lee).
  2. Finalist at 2020 GfK NextGen Data Science Hackathon, held March 20 – March 30, 2020, for the team’s proposed smart car tech product named, Cabin UV, (with Ogaz, Patrick C, Sebastian Hernandez, Grant R. Chic, Sarah K. Borsaly, Jacob N. Linao, Daniel Chow, and Samuel Y. Lee).