Center for Customer Insights and Digital Marketing

Cailin Kuchenbecker

Cailin Kuchenbecker

Customer Insights & Implementations Group Lead

Research Lead

Major: MBA Student

Interest: Transformative Consumer Research, Digital Marketing, and Consumer Perception

Skills: Qualtrics, SPSS, R, PLS-SEM, Photoshop, Analytic Solver

Cailin is a second-year MBA student at the College of Business Administration. She received her Bachelor's degree from Cal Poly Pomona in 2018 in Communication with a minor in Marketing Management. Cailin worked in manufacturing for three years before starting her graduate program. She began her career in the Center in 2017 as a Research Assistant and has since become a Research Lead. She has been involved in several research projects including one funded through the Learn Through Discovery Projects Hatchery Program, which won Top Oral Presentation at Cal Poly Pomona’s RSCA Conference. Cailin has received several awards for her research participation including Research Distinction and the Office of Undergraduate’s Research Presentation Award. She hopes to continue to pursue her research interests in a Ph.D. program.

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Honors and Awards at the Center

  1. Awarded Conference Presentation Award for presenting “Do Business Students Also Benefit From Undergraduate Research Participation?,” at the Global Marketing Conference, August 20, 2020, Office of Undergraduate Research, Cal Poly Pomona.
  2. Awarded, Research Distinction Award, for distinction in research, presentation, and publication activities, April 23, Cal Poly Pomona, recognized in polyX Showcase
  3. Awarded first place at the Business, Economics, and Public Administration track at the 8th Annual CPP Student RSCA Conference, Cal Poly Pomona, March 7, 2020, for research titled, “Should Business Faculty Encourage Their Undergraduate Students to Participate in Research?” and earned a ticket to present Cal Poly Pomona at the 34th Annual CSU Student Research Competition to be held April 24, 2020, at CSU East Bay with Guillermo Marquez, and Mitchell Pickering.
  4. Awarded research grant ($8,000) for the research proposal titled, “Research Participation Experience Project,” From  LTD Program, Cal Poly Pomona, July 10, 2019 with Guillermo Marquez and Mitchell Pickering).
  5. Awarded Dean’s Admission Scholarship, August 2019, College of Business Administration, Cal Poly Pomona.