Center for Customer Insights and Digital Marketing

Grant Chic

Grant Chic

Web Design and Media Analytics Specialist 

Major: Marketing

Interest: Marketing Research, Social Media, Consumer Behavior, Digital Marketing, Buyer Behavior, Web Analytics

Skills: Qualtrics, Cascade

Grant is a fourth-year standing undergraduate student majoring in Marketing with an emphasis in promotional marketing. Enrolling at CPP in Fall 2019, he joined the Center in the Spring of 2020 and has joined the team, collective individuals, in researching how INDCOL influences consumers’ usage of the seven functions of social media. Along with that, in Fall 2020, he took on the job as the Web Design and Media Analytics Specialist, implementing changes and new looks for the Center’s website. Grant is also part of the Analytics and Marketing Insights club, previously managing the club’s website functions as well and he now serves as the Director of Campus Community Engagement for the club. Grant hopes to continue developing and honing his marketing skillsets through the Center to later seek a marketing position at companies that specialize in social media and digital marketing. 

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Honors and Awards at the Center

  1. Won First place at 2021 GfK NextGen Data Science Hackathon, held March 22 - March 31, 2021, for the team’s proposed EV/hybrid car service named Ion Upcycle, by Jillian N. Munoz, Patrick Ogaz, Sebastian Hernandez, Andrea Vara Escobar, and Grant Chic.
  2. Awarded research grant ($8,000) for the project proposal, “Social Media Use for Marketing Determined by Individualist/Collectivist Culture,” From LTD Program, Cal Poly Pomona, May 7, 2020 (with Sarah K. Borsaly, Daniel Chow, and Jillian N. Munoz).
  3. Finalist at 2020 GfK NextGen Data Science Hackathon, held March 20 – March 30, 2020, for the team’s proposed smart car tech product named, Cabin UV, (with Ogaz, Patrick C, Andrea Escobar Vara, Sebastian Hernandez, Sarah K. Borsaly, Jacob N. Linao, Daniel Chow, and Samuel Y. Lee).