Center for Customer Insights and Digital Marketing

Joseph Lee

Joseph Lee

Customer Relationship Management Specialist

President of the Analytics and Marketing Insights Club

Research Assistant 

Major: Computer Information Systems

Interest: Data Analytics, Data Science, Market Research, Digital Marketing

Skills: SQL, Java, Microsoft Office Suite 

Short Bio: Joseph is a third-year Computer Information Systems student with an emphasis in Business Intelligence. During Spring 2021, he joined the CCIDM as a research assistant and joined the Collective Individuals team. He also served as the Director of Archive and Database Marketing for the Analytics and Marketing Insights club where he managed the club’s main database for easier access and usage. During this time, Joseph and his team placed Runners-up at the GfK NextGen Data Science Hackathon Competition 2021 where they proposed and supported a new EV initiative. Currently, Joseph is designated as the President for the Analytics and Marketing Insights club and the Customer Relationship Management Specialist for the Center. He is working on his analytical skills and portfolio projects to hopefully start a career in data analytics after his graduation.

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Honors and Awards at the Center

  1. Won Runners-Up at 2021 GfK NextGen Data Science Hackathon, held March 22 - March 31, 2021, for the team’s proposed EV wireless charging technology service called ElecTrak, by Nicholas Bias, Joseph Lee, Tarek Masri, Mario Pinto, and Claire Son.