Center for Customer Insights and Digital Marketing

CCIDM Research Seminars

The Center for Customer Insights and Digital Marketing hosted its Research Seminar Series on Friday, November 13th. The two studies presented were a culmination of year-long research by Center students and faculty. See the project abstracts below!

“Effectiveness of Student Research Panel on Student Learning: Moderating Role of Instructors’ Course Policy,” 

by Cailin Kuchenbecker, Guerillmo Marquez, Mitchell Pickering, Jae Min Jung, Jun Myers, and Cheryl Wyrick

Literature review reveals that business and marketing education literature has paid scant attention to the benefits of undergraduate students’ research participation (RP). This research is intended to assess the effectiveness of RP in terms of the perceived value of RP, helpfulness of RP in learning marketing concepts, student’s attitudes towards participation, and student’s intentions to participate in future studies. Secondly, this research investigates a number of demographic factors, individual participant’s research participation-related factors, and course-related factors that drive the RP effectiveness. Thirdly, this research sheds light on the role of instructors in improving students’ experiential learning outcome.

“Locally-Made Branding Strategy and State Ethnocentrism,”

by Jarrod Griffin, Jillian Munoz, Stephanie Munoz, and Jae Min Jung

Currently, many U.S. state governments have state-labeled logo programs (e.g., CA Grown), which allow local businesses to affix origin information to the products they market within and outside their states. Thus, comprehensive research is needed to understand consumer attitudes and motivations for buying local products. To this end, we investigate consumers’ attitudes and purchase intentions of the products made in own (vs. other) states and assess factors that could influence consumers' attitudes and purchase intentions. This research provides insights into government agencies and marketing literature by extending country-of-origin research and investigating state-of-origin effects in a novel way.


  • “Predicting COVID-19 Risk in West Coast Counties and Counties’ ICU Readiness,” presented by Research Lead Cailin Kuchenbecker, Cal Poly Pomona, May 8, 2020.
  • “Differences in Self-Construal and Corporate America: Implica-tions for College Graduates Successful Transitioning to Workforce,” presented by Dr. Jae Min Jung, Cal Poly Pomona, May 8, 2020.
  • “Text Mining,” presented by Dr. Mehrdad Koohikamali, Cal Poly Pomona, January 31, 2020.
  • “Determinants of Adoption of Female Fitness Products: An Evidence from Urban Millennial Women,” presented by Research Assistants Cailin Kuchenbecker, Mahta Mirzaeiramin, and Quynh Le, Spring 2018