Center for Customer Insights and Digital Marketing

Expert Speaker Jenny Yeon


Welcome to the Center for Customer Insights and Digital Marketing’s Expert Speaker Series. Our first expert speaker is Jenny Yeon, who is a Cal Poly Pomona alumni class of 2015.

After her graduation, Jenny thrived in her career. She started her job with the title, “Research Analyst” and quickly rose to the rank of “Consultant” in just 9 months. One year later, she rose to the rank of a “Senior Consultant.” Two years later, she became Director, which is her current position for the past one and a half years. All those times, Jenny never forgot her root. She kept in touch with us. She came back to campus as a guest speaker about one time a year, no matter how busy she has been. When I had students looking for a professional mentor, Jenny is the first person that comes to my mind. Each time I referred a student to her, she never said no to me.

We are very pleased and honored that Jenny has returned to campus virtually, to speak to students about transitioning from a student to a successful data and insights professional!