Center for Customer Insights and Digital Marketing

Customer Insights Consultancy Program

Consulting class

Since 2012, students who have taken our client consulting classes have been hired by world-class market research companies such as Kantar Research and Lieberman Research Worldwide, in part, thanks to the hands-on nature of the program. For this program, we select a small number of promising students. Outstanding students with strong detail-orientation and excellent communication skills are strongly encouraged to contact the professors with (1) resume with GPA, (2) a cover letter stating why taking this class will enhance your career preparation, and (3) a writing sample. Applicants will be vetted and admitted based on merit. Click here to find out where our graduates are.

Alumni Members

  • Colin Adamik (Undergraduate, Marketing)
  • Hannah Baldwin (Undergraduate, Marketing)
  • Marion Barleta (Undergraduate, Marketing)
  • Luis Barrientos (Undergraduate, Marketing)
  • Ian Frost (Undergraduate, Finance and International Business)
  • Jared Hawley (Undergraduate, Marketing)
  • Quynh Le (Undergraduate, Marketing)
  • Shu Hui Li (Undergraduate, Marketing) 
  • Cindy Lopez (Undergraduate, Marketing)
  • Mary Julie Mikhael (Undergraduate, Marketing) 
  • Adrienne Naor (Undergraduate, Marketing)
  • William O’Connell (Undergraduate, Marketing)
  • Cassandra Perez (Undergraduate, Marketing)
  • Sheryl Pu (Undergraduate, International Business)
  • Jennifer Yi (Undergraduate, Management and Human Resources)
  • Nazareth Zezaghian (Undergraduate, Marketing)

  • Jason Alba (Undergraduate, Marketing)
  • Jovanny Castillo (Undergraduate, Marketing)
  • Rachel Connor (Undergraduate, International Business)
  • Ruben Garcia (Undergraduate, Double majors in International Business and Marketing) 
  • Raphael Ghieuw Sien (Undergraduate, Market Research)
  • Zlatan Jovicic (Undergraduate, Marketing)
  • Somi Kang (Undergraduate, Marketing)
  • Jeffery Ku (Undergraduate, Operations Management)
  • Eric Moz (Undergraduate, Accounting)
  • Steven Nguyen (Undergraduate, Marketing) 
  • Jenny Yeon (Undergraduate, Management and Human Resources)

  • Wendy Brown (Undergraduate, Marketing)
  • Hilda Espinoza (Undergraduate, Double majors in International Business and Marketing)
  • Christian Lindke (Graduate, Master of Business Administration)
  • Eric Lu (Undergraduate, International Business)
  • Richard Luu (Undergraduate, Marketing)
  • Collin Marchese (Undergraduate, Marketing)
  • Hoang Nguyen (Undergraduate, International Business)