The Democracy Institute

Ideas and Ideals


Ideas, Ideals, and Institutions

Never have matters related to politics and the planet been so interwoven as they are now.  What would the world look like without us?  This is not a rhetorical question anymore.  But nor is it a non-political one.  How must our fraying social contract and its civic institutions respond to this new peril?  What new conceptions of life itself must we think of now that the human has shown a capacity to morph into something wholly other than itself?  The Democracy Institute generates and provokes conversations on these interlinked and global questions of political thought and moral philosophy, of history and civic institutions, of theology and technology.  Above all, it asks: what would a democracy without and after this new mode and epoch of violence look like?  A non-violent democracy, in other words?  The Democracy Institute is committed to preparing next-generation student-scholars in the art of thinking on global, transdisciplinary scale.