Masters in Public Administration

Masters in Public Administration


The Master in Public Administration program only accepted fall cohorts. Applications for each fall are due by April 1st of that year. The application can be completed online through Cal State Apply. Please note that the GRE admission requirement has been removed. You are free to submit an application to the MPA program without a GRE score. Please visis the Application/Admissions page to view a list of admission requirements.

Who We Are

The Master’s Program in Public Administration at Cal Poly Pomona offers coursework leading to a Masters of Public Administration (MPA). The MPA is housed within the university's Department of Political Science. The main goal of the MPA is to provide scholarly and professional education to students who wish to prepare themselves for higher degrees and for administrative careers and leadership positions in government. While the majority of graduates take positions in American local, state, and national governments, the degree program may lead to work in international and other organizations, such as private foundations, nonprofit organizations, interest groups, and other community institutions and businesses.

Our Mission

To provide an academic and professional graduate education to people preparing themselves for careers in public service and/or administration by developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to serve in the public sector and nonprofit organizations.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Determine, collect, and analyze the evidence appropriate for evaluating and implementing public policies and programs.

  2. Work fluidly and collaboratively across the public, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors.

  3. Apply leadership, ethical standards, and equity in fiscal and human resource management. 

  4. Utilize effective and concise written and oral communication for a diverse audience of stakeholders.

  5. Develop a critical understanding of and respect for the policy making process and the diversity of perspectives and interests involved in governance.

Our Competitive Advantage


Cal Poly Pomona is situated at the intersection of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties, in one of the most dynamic, diverse, and populous regions in the world. Our geographic location is therefore an ideal laboratory to examine the interrelation of local, regional, and state governance. From environmental conservation to urban development, Cal Poly Pomona allows you to witness first-hand the pressing policy problems facing large metropolitan areas, coastal regions, as well as small towns and cities.


As a smaller program, we pride ourselves on hiring faculty and instructors who place the unique needs and interests of their students first. We attract and serve students from all backgrounds and perspectives, and provide one-on-one career advising to ensure our program helps you achieve your goals as a civil servant. 


Our MPA program is both affordable and flexible. It is designed to accommodate both full-time students and working professionals alike. Whether you recently completed your Bachelor degree or have ten years of professional experience, our program will help you advance in your career in public service.


Housed in a polytechnic university, our MPA program embraces Cal Poly Pomona’s “learn-by doing” philosophy by emphasizing practical skill-building in our coursework and capstone experiences, and cultivating connections with public and nonprofit organizations in the Southern California region. Nearly half of our faculty are working professionals in the field, and our curriculum is broad enough to allow students to develop knowledge and competencies that will be widely applicable for careers in public service. 

Core Values

  1. Collaboration and community service
  2. Equity, diversity, and inclusivity
  3. Student support and accommodation
  4. Camaraderie, integrity, and mutual respect
  5. Polytechnic “learn-by-doing”