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Parking Lot Next to Custodial Services to Close for Asphalt Replacement in Early March

Summary of disruption: The lot next to Custodial Services (Building 48) that is used to park Custodial vehicles, state vehicles and cars of visitors will temporarily close in early March for the start of an asphalt replacement project. In addition, the gravel area adjacent to the parking lot will be paved with asphalt. Two light poles, two electric vehicle charging stations and a new lot exit also will be installed. The installation of a new trailer and asphalt replacement are expected to be completed by mid-April.      

Reason for disruption: The trailer that serves as Building 81A will be replaced by a larger trailer. The existing parking lot will be demolished and asphalt will be laid before the new trailer is installed. The parking lot will be cordoned off before the project begins.

How does this affect me? Occupants of Building 81A will move to temporary offices until the parking lot rehabilitation and new trailer installation are completed. Parking for Custodial vehicles and state vehicles will be relocated to marked stalls at the back fence adjacent to South Campus Drive. In addition, a portion of the area that serves as the green waste disposal site will be paved. This will allow all of Lot S to be used for parking.        

What do I need to do? Park Custodial vehicles and state vehicles in the relocated spaces next to South Campus Drive. Use Parking Lot S and other nearby lots.

For any questions or more information, please contact: Bruyn Bevans, Senior Project Manager, at Ext. 5517.