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A collection of short stories celebrating our campus' unique location, traditions and inclusive polytechnic identity.

By The Numbers: Innovation Brewworks

BrewWorks pizza and beer at Innovation BrewWorks

Louie Vinegas pours a beer at Innovation BrewWorks

Innovation Brew Works is a craft brewery and restaurant that serves beer, pizza, salad and sandwiches. Some of the menu’s ingredients, such as oranges, avocados and bell peppers, are grown on campus through the Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture. Students of all majors can gain hands-on experience in brewing beer and managing a brewpub.

Then and Now

Commencement in 1957 at the Rose Garden

Although CPP turns 86 this year, it wasn’t until 1957 when the university had its first Commencement in the Rose Garden. A total of 59 students received degrees from four programs. In 2024, more than 6,900 crossed the stage to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in more than 90 majors.

Aerial view of the 2024 commencement ceremonies.

The Restaurant at Kellogg RanchPolyX How To: Open a Restaurant

Cal Poly Pomona offers a unique experience at The Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch, where students learn about front-of-house and back-of-house operations. Some students may be inspired to own their own restaurant one day. Here’s how to open a restaurant in six steps.

Create a menu that will appeal to the public. Some owners are inspired by the food of their heritage, and others will focus on market demand.

Conduct a cost benefit analysis and run projections. Find affordable sources for your ingredients, with perishability, seasonality and costs in mind.

Consider parking, renovations, location, and most importantly, price per square foot.

Apply for a business license, liquor license, and operating license. Be sure to meet required standards and regulations.

Recruit, hire, onboard and train the team.

Launch your restaurant and gather input. Many restaurant owners prefer a soft opening to test the waters and adjust before fully opening to the public.