CPP Magazine

President's Message

President Soraya M. Coley

Polytechnic Treasure

When Cal Poly Pomona first opened its doors in 1938, we were known as the “Voorhis Unit” of the California State Polytechnic College. At the time, our campus offered a grand total of three courses of study: Citrus Production, Ornamental Horticulture and Agricultural Inspection.

How things have changed!

Over the course of 84 years, we’ve transformed into a comprehensive global university, drawing students from across California and from around the world. Harking back to our early days, we remain a leader in agricultural education — indeed, we’re still the only university in Southern California offering four-year degrees in agriculture — but the Cal Poly Pomona of today boasts the full breadth of educational opportunities. With leading programs in engineering, the arts, education, business, the sciences and more, Cal Poly Pomona serves as an engine of opportunity regardless of what our students hope to pursue.

This didn’t happen by accident. We grew and expanded based on our deliberate and focused mission to broaden the work of our world-class faculty and foster a wealth of opportunities for our students. While our “learn by doing” ethos has been a constant, just what our students are able to do is always expanding.

The cover story for this edition of CPP Magazine salutes just how far we’ve come. From art galleries to rainforests and from recording studios to the deliberations of our state legislature, you will read about the host of educational opportunities and co-curricular activities that — each in their own way — epitomize the work of this university. This “treasure trove” of programs and places is everywhere you look and serves as a symbol of what the Cal Poly Pomona experience means and how it transforms lives.

Thank you for being a part of the Cal Poly Pomona community and ensuring that the legacy of this university lives on for generations to come.


Soraya M. Coley, Ph.D