Cybersecurity & Awareness Fair
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2018 Cyberfair

Theme: Social Credit- Why should it matter?

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Thursday, October 25th 2018


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Event Summary

The 14th edition of the Cyber Security and Awareness Fair was a successful journey with Social Credit. Over 500 participants ventured in from Fullerton College, Coastline, Chaffey, and Charter Oak High School along with Cal Poly Pomona faculty, staff, and students. This year’s fair is focused on Social Credit, inspired by China’s ‘Once Untrustworthy, Always Restricted’ Social Credit System. According to the Supreme People’s Court of China, 6 million Chinese citizens had already been banned from airplane flights for social misdeeds in early 2017; this number will only grow. How does this apply to cybersecurity? We have Internet-connected devices in our homes, cars, pockets, and even on our wrists – the data gathered by these devices is used to build a profile of the user that can be abused – not only by hackers, but even by the companies compiling the data. What happens when your DNA test or sequencing results are associated with your online identity? We highlighted these concepts along with traditional security issues like social engineering, phishing, and wireless hacking during our fair.  Overall, this event brought together IT staff from CPP, faculty from CS and CIS, SWIFT, FAST, and MISSA clubs, volunteers, faculty from Fullerton. In addition, the exhibit table cost is now an annual budget line item for Chaffey Colleges CIS department. It is these partnerships that make this program successful. We are proud to have held our fifth annual Cyber Security & Forensics Research Poster Competition. 


presentation schedule
Presentor Topic Description
Diane Miller Cybersecurity - Cool Stuff for Everyone!


Insight into basic cyber hygiene/awareness for various forms of cyber activity, things people can do to protect their digital persona and environment and cyber academics/careers info. She also discussed with our participants about NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.

Peter Deutsch Cyber Security Instructional & Research Projects Cal Poly Pomona is in the process of creating the campus infrastructure resources to support our new Cyber Security Instructional Research Office, our High Performance Computing Cluster and other campus IT resources. This talk reviewed the architectural and security considerations needed for such a campus resource.
Cindy Compert


Cybersecurity Trends & Directions


Cindy explored recent trends, including Cryptojacking , US Election Cybersecurity, and the rise of privacy, fostered by recent regulations such as the EU GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018.
Edward Preston The Power of Prevention Using AI Global Director of Consumer Sales at Cylance introduced our attendies to Cylance Smart AV and how this next-generation software is designed to proactively predict and block never-before-seen threats to help keep personal data secure, without bogging down your system performance.


Raghuram Sudhaakar


Automotive Cybersecurity


This talk introduced some of the challenging problems that faces In-vehicle Network  designers and the path forward that industry leaders are taking.

Live Demonstrations

demo schedule
Presentor Topic Description



Look Before You Like


In this experiment, MISSA ran an analysis on comments from Facebook that include keywords, such as “Trump” or “immigration”, and the program sorts through a dictionary that categorizes the surrounding words as positive or negative. Participants were informed of how much information a third party could grab off you through an API on Facebook


SWIFT Think Before You Connect  SWIFT explored the uses of Hak5’s WiFi Pineapple and Packet Squirrel demonstrating how vulnerable your data can be to our attendees.


Your Smart TV, Smart Toys, & IoT Devices are Spying on You.

 Attendes learned how to block advertisements, spying "analytics" companies, stop your SmartTV from spying on you, and got insight into the mysterious activity of IoT devices on your network, using a <$100 mini computer with free and open-source software!
Chaffey Remote Robot Shell Chaffey demonstrated how malicious hackers can run scripts on your computer using an innocent looking USB Rubber Ducky. They simply load the script onto the device and plug it into your computer; the scripts are run automatically by your computer. This functionality can be leveraged to create a reverse command shell that allows hackers to run programs on your computer, in addition to many other attacks.


Fullerton College


Haven Security Application


Attendes were introduced to the Haven Security Application. Haven allows you to see who and when someone has touched your personal belongings . 


Charter Oak High School


Bypassing Windows 10 Logon


In this demo, Charter Oak showed how the Windows 10 login screen can be bypassed by a malicious hacker in order to access your personal data—and just how easy it is to do so, with tools like konboot and ophcrack.

Datagram Lockpicking

Atendees learned how to lock pick common household and TSA approved locks making them think twice before deciding what locks to use to secure their items.


We would like to thank our wonderful sponsors for donating to help bring awareness to Cyber Security and the Information Technology Field.

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