Cybersecurity & Awareness Fair
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2019 Cyberfair

Theme: The Evolution of Cyber Security

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Thursday, October 24th 2019


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Event Summary

The 15th edition of the Cyber Security and Awareness Fair was a successful journey showcasing The Evolution of Cyber Security. Approximately 650 people from more than 16 different schools, ranging from middle schools, high schools, colleges, as well as CPP faculty, staff, and alumni attended the event. This year brought together the college of Business, Engineering, and Science to host 9 of the 12 hands-on demonstrations alongside dynamic speakers like Jeff Tutton from Intersec Worldwide covering “Insider Threats, and Data Breach Response” and CPP alum and IBM Cyber Range Coach JC Vega discussing “Cyber Security: The Ultimate Team Sport.” Chaffey College and Troy High School hosted demonstrations on building a cyber-range and prepping for Cyberpatriot. CSULA took first place in the poster contest. Fullerton swept second through fifth place shutting out CPP. The second Cybersecurity Workforce Job Fair was held with 9 companies in attendance and approximately 150 students submitting resumes. Key recruiters were Crowdstrike, IBM, Boeing, and the FBI. New additions to the event this year included the two CSAF Scholar award winners Julieth Jaramillo and Silas Shen presenting on “How to secure your home wireless network.” With the approximately 125 Girl Scouts in attendance, Billy Bronco was a huge hit, and CPP alum Diane Miller from Northrop Grumman spoke to them on “What is Cyber Security and Why is it Important?”

Presentations Schedule

csaf 2019 presentation schedule
Presenter Topic Description

Diane Miller, Northrop Grumman

Thinking of a Career in Cyber? Prepare Now for Your Future Success!

Insight into basic cyber hygiene/awareness for various forms of cyber activity (social media, Internet shopping, mobile device, etc), and things students can do in high school and college to prepare for a career in cyber security

Jeff Tutton, Intersec Worldwide

Corporate Espionage, Insider Threats, and Data Breach Response

How do we combat corporate espionage and Insider Threats? We can learn from recent use cases of how the human element can lead us to cyber investigations. 

Understanding these threats and how to combat them, will help us better communicate with the C-Level to get their attention and gain the resources required for success.


Jennine Gilbeau, DHS

Disinformation Campaigns

This presentation was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

JC Vega, IBM

Cyber Security: The Ultimate Team Sport

The clash between hackers and defenders is driving the evolution of cyber security training and preparedness. Intense, immersive clashes with threats build individual and collective critical cyber security skills. The insecure and unforgiving cyber digital environment is driving an integrated cyber security strategy that is built around trained and proficient individuals, teams, and teams of teams. Are you and your team ready for the fight?

Warren Yu, Cebrowski Institute for Innovation

Paid Federal Internships and Scholarships to Launch your Career (or Turn It Around)

Come learn about little-known federal internships and scholarships (many of them dealing directly with cyber security) that pay you during summers, for tuition, or to launch a career in a STEM-related field! Topics include: Understanding the fundamental differences between Invention vs. Innovation; Understanding the job impact of very recent federal cloud computing initiatives; and learn how to lead a private, secure, and convenient digital life as you transition through school and into a career.

Bin Du and Pradeep Simha, McAfee


How to become Security consultant within 90 days after new graduates

Come learn about McAfee's innovative co-pilot program methodology to elevate and empower good talents (new graduates) to become security consultant within 90 days. Explore the benefits and importance of this 90-day co-pilot program for long-term Cyber Security career path for the young generation.

Scholar Award Winners, CPP

How to secure your home network

Home networks are more vulnerable to attacks than ever. Learn about tools and tips that will help secure your home network.

Live Demonstrations

csaf 2019 demonstration schedule
Demonstrators Topic Description

Hook, Line, and Phisher

Student Run Data Center

Hook, Line, and Phisher

You get an email with the title “Health Insurance Account Verification!” and the body of email urges you to re-enter your personal information for your account. You noticed that there were some small typos in the message, and you found it odd, but you click the link to fill out your personal information, including your social security number anyway's. Within a few days or months, you get multiple alerts of accounts opening under your name. Congratulations, you’ve been phished! In cyber security, phishing is the act of getting computer users to disclose their personal information such as social security number, date of birth, password, credit cards, and more.  The Mitchel C. Hill Student Data Center created different aspects of phishing and attendees learned more about phishing!



Kill the Ads, Keep Your Privacy

When you open Facebook you are actually opening up dozens of webpages. These pages are ads, trackers, and even aware! They slow your web browsing, eat your mobile data, and leave a trail of your Internet activities for advertisers and companies to use. What if I told you that there is something you can do about it? What if you could make one change that would affect every device in your house? Today, Cal Poly Pomona FAST is here to tell you that you can. Pi-Hole is software ran on a small, <$20, pocket-sized computer that will empower you to take a step towards taking back your Internet!Attendees learned about the Pi-Hole !



Big Data = Big Solution

As time goes on and technology advances, cyber crimes have also advanced and have
troubled many people along the line. Despite the advances in cybersecurity, hackers get
creative in their ways of performing cyber crimes. However, what if these crimes can be
prevented? What if we can improve cybersecurity a step further? This is where Business
Intelligence(BI), the process of using technology to make data more useful, comes into play.
Join Cal Poly Pomona MISSA and learn about what BI is and how it can help with cybersecurity
and prevent cyber attacks!



The Evolution of Social Engineering: Open Source Intelligence

Along with cat videos, memes, and chegg, the Internet is a plethora of information, including hundreds of thousands of people’s personal and confidential information. Many public services offer to share your personal information with businesses. Furthermore, the average person shares intimate details of their personal life. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is the collection of personal data. However, there is a way to remove their personal information from the Internet and protect their most confidential information. Cal Poly SWIFT shared and demonstrated methods to “hide from the Internet” and from OSINT.


Chaffey College

Cyber Range, 1337 Style

Attendees learned how to build their own personal Cyber Range 1337 style to hone their skills.


WNSL lab

Remote Pilotless Vehicle Command Center (RPVCC)

This project aims at remotely controlling a vehicle through wireless link using car (VRX) simulator. The VRX racing simulator used IoV (Internet of Vehicle) technology to support autonomous driving.


WNSL lab

Detection and Defense techniques against DDOS attacks on Software Defined Networking (SDN) Controllers

This project aimed at analyzing the effects of different network and host based attacks such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on an SDN environment. Students investigated approaches to detect and mitigate these attacks and use the flexibility of OpenFlow, a common SDN protocol, to secure this new networking tend.


WNSL lab

5G self-healing networks

This project aimed to model a 5G mobile service providers’ core network, access network, and self-healing controller simulator. This entailed modeling and designing a 5G network environment and creating a management system to oversee and maintain the network autonomously.


WNSL lab

Big Data for Network Traffic Analysis

This project aimed at collecting, organizing, and analyzing data collected in WNSL projects. The Big Data System (BDS) contained a Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) cluster of seven nodes and hosted different big data tools offered in the Cloudra distribution to manage and analyze the collected data.


WNSL lab

Securing Software Defined Networks

The WNSL lab aimed to increase awareness about the security concepts, constrains, attacks, counter responses and techniques required to secure applications adopting wireless and mobile technologies. The WNSL presented samples of the projects currently in progress by students’ teams.


Standard Error

Lockpicking 101

Attendees learned how to lock pick common household and TSA approved locks making them think twice before deciding what locks to use to secure their items.



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