Environmental Health and Safety

Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals

 The Environmental Health & Safety Department is a division of Facilities Planning & Management.

 The Environmental Health & Safety Department provides services to ultimately ensure that faculty, staff, students, and visitors to the University are provided an environmentally safe place to work, study, and/or visit. This will be accomplished by providing consultation regarding legal requirements concerning protection of individuals and the environment, safety training, inspection to improve the level of compliance, and the abatement of hazardous or unsafe conditions on campus.         

The Environmental Health & Safety Department's Mission Statement is directly influenced by University Policy that states that the primary responsibility for providing and maintaining a safe and healthful campus environment lies at the operational department level, under the broad direction of each Vice President.         

Vision Statement                       

The Environmental Health & Safety Department at Cal Poly Pomona will be recognized in Southern California for its leadership in safety and protecting the environment and having a positive impact both in the campus community and throughout the region.        

Core Values                       

  • Truth & Accuracy - To always be truthful and accurate in the information we provide.
  • Customer Service - Environmental Health & Safety is committed to providing quality services to our customers in support of the University's educational mission. In providing these services our employees strive to be responsive, flexible, and innovative. The quality of our service will be measured by the appreciation of our customers. In striving to provide these quality services the employees of these units will be guided by the following eight principles                            
    • We treat customers with respect.
    • We take time to deal with each customer as an individual
    • We treat customers the way they want to be treated.
    • We strife to provide quality service to each customer so they will chose to utilize our services.
    • We ensure effective communication with customers.
    • By being an effective listener and making sure we understand what the customer needs.
    • By effectively communicate what services we will provide and when.
    • If we cannot provide a service, we will find someone who can or explain why the service is unavailable.


  1. Ultimately ensure the safety of the environment and people.
  2. Compliance with current environmental health, and safety laws.
  3. Enhance environmental health and safety services.

Services Provided

  • Liaison With State and Local Regulatory Agencies
  • Environmental & Safety Inspections
  • Environmental and Safety Related Training Programs
  • Hazardous Materials Management Program
  • Spill Response/Disposal
  • Safety Data Sheets