Environmental Health and Safety

Chemical Hygiene

The Chemical Safety Program provides information and resources associated with chemical use and storage atCal Poly Pomona.

Hazardous materials are used in a variety of different operations involving laboratories, shops, maintenance areas, storage areas and even offices. Since hazardous materials are used in many daily activities including consumer based products.

Manufacturers are required to provide a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) with any material they ship that identifies the hazards of that material and important considerations if spilled. SDS's should be maintained in each location where hazardous materials are present to allow employees the opportunity to reference that information before being exposed to that material or in the event of an emergency.

On-Campus Access to SDSs

The Chemical Hygiene Committee is tasked with making recommendations to EH&S regarding the development of chemical safety procedures and programs necessary to maintain a safe work environment and reduce the risk injury and illness.

Coordinate with EH&S to ensure your hazardous waste is generated in alignment with applicable regulations. Create a waste tag to ensure your waste is properly labeled. Mark your tags as ready for pickup to prompt EH&S for a pick-up.