Electrical and Computer Engineering

MSEE Program

The Cal Poly Pomona MS degree in Engineering provides the student with the advanced knowledge necessary to elucidate the theories relevant to their fields of specialization while grounding them in their practice. The MS degree enables the graduate to articulate the significant challenges confronting the field utilizing a solid foundation of advanced courses. Through a careful selection of challenging projects, graduate students propose creative approaches to solving selected contemporary engineering problems. These project experiences distinguish the CPP MS Engineering graduate by providing them with the design and execution background to tackle complex problems using innovative approaches.


Program Educational Objectives

Program educational objectives are the accomplishments graduates are expected to achieve during the first few years of employment. MSEE graduates will:

  1. Be current in their knowledge of selected fields of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
  2. Design and develop solutions to Electrical and Computer Engineering problems.
  3. Demonstrate professional-level technical and communication skills in the electrical and computer engineering areas.


Student Outcomes

Program learning outcomes are the skills and abilities students are expected to demonstrate at graduation. Students in the MSEE program will:

1. Demonstrate advanced knowledge in Electrical and/or Computer Engineering.

2. Identify and critically analyze contemporary issues relevant to Electrical and/or Computer Engineering.

3. Design and execute research relevant to Electrical and/or Computer Engineering.

4. Demonstrate advanced skills in the analysis and interpretation of in Electrical and/or Computer Engineering.

5. Clearly communicate advanced Electrical and/or Computer Engineering concepts (aural, oral and written).

Graduate Courses


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