Lan Yang

Lan Yang

Professor, Computer Science Department, College of Science

Research and Scholarly Activities

  • Co-Director: Data Science Hub in Computer Science Department
  • Coordinator: Minor in Data Science

  • New courses proposed and taught in recent years:

    • CS 4650: Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics
    • CS 2410: Fundamentals of Data Science
    • CS 2520: Python for Programmers
    • CS 1260: Python for Beginners
  • Courses frequently taught:

    • CS 3650: Computer Architecture
    • CS 4080: Concepts of Programming Languages
    • CS 4610/4620: Senior Seminars
  • Research Interests

    • Big data analytics and cloud computing
    • Parallel and Distributed Computing
    • Web Services, Databases and Software Engineering
    • Multicore, Network, and Storage Architecture
    • Computer Software Intellectual Property Rights 
    • Women in Science and Engineering 

Recent MS Project/Thesis Supervision (2019-2021)

  1. M. Chang-Chan: Epidemic Analysis of Covid-19 in California (2021)
  2. R. Lin: A Web Application Dashboard For Monitoring CoronaVirus Cases (2021)
  3. X. Li: Prediction of Covid Cases using Machine Learning (2021)
  4. J. Lou, Frontend Web Project: A Learning Resource Platform (2021)
  5. H. Zheng: Modern Approach for Maintainable and Scalable Backend Architecture (2020)
  6. L. Lin: CI/CD Jenkins Pipeline (2020)
  7. Kohli: Web App Development Using Python and Django (2020)
  8. J. Lou: Frontend Web Project: A Learning Resource Platform (in progress)
  9. T. Wei: Web Application for e-Commerce (in progress) 
  10. M. Kim: Visualizing and Recognizing Important Trends in Housing Sales Dataset Using Hadoop (2019)
  11. Kothapalli: Analysis of Drug Use Dataset to Aid Drug Abuse Prevention in Youth (2019)