Student Health and Wellness Services

Student Health Services' Medical Cart

We provide transportation for students with non-emergency,  non-life threatening illnesses on campus to Student Health Services, or to transport students treated at Student Health Services back to their Residence Halls or other destinations on campus if they do not have transportation and cannot make this trip without assistance.  

The student should call campus dispatch at (909) 869-3070. The campus dispatcher will dispatch an officer to the student’s location to assess the situation, determine if the student is suitable for non-emergency transport, and take an injury incident report if necessary.  Once it is determined that the student can safely access a cart with minimal assistance, the officer will contact Student Health Services.

The service is reserved for situations in which the student is too ill/injured to ambulate or drive themselves to the Student Health Services. Non-emergency transported students must meet the following conditions:

  • injured, ill student(s) must get to the transport vehicle with minimal assistance
  • injured, ill student(s) must be able to ride in an upright position
  • if student(s) is/are bleeding, bleeding must be contained (stopped)