Student Health and Wellness Services

Our Mission

"To promote students’ healthy lifestyles and academic success by providing quality medical, psychological, and wellness services."

About Us

Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc. logoStudent Health and Wellness Services is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc. (you must be able to walk in on your own to receive care) and provides students with affordable, accessible and student-centered health care and wellness services so you can receive the care and assistance you may need. Services are available to all enrolled Cal Poly Pomona students, funded by a mandatory health fee that is included in tuition. Most services are covered by the health fee.

All Physicians are required to be Board Certified. In addition, the following positions are Certified and/or Licensed by the State of California:

  • Physician Assistants
  • Nurses
  • Medical Assistants
  • Pharmacist
  • Lab Personnel (Clinical Laboratory Scientists)
  • X-Ray Technician (Radiologic Technologist)

National College Health Assessment (2018)

The ACHA- National College Health Assessment II (ACHA-NCHA II) is a national survey that is organized by the American College Health Association to collect data regarding students’ health behaviors, habits, and perceptions on the most prevalent health topics on college campuses. Every two years, Cal Poly Pomona administers the ACHA-NCHA II to a random sample of the Cal Poly Pomona student body. The results help to guide and inform programs and practice to support the health and well-being of the student body. Below is a link to the Executive Summary of the most recent survey, conducted during Winter Quarter 2018.

ACHA-NCHA 2018 Executive Summary

Mandatory Health Fee

The Mandatory Student Health Fee provides students access and services to Student Health & Wellness Services throughout the academic semester. Eligibility for services starts with the first day of the semester and lasts through the end of the break period immediately following that semester. In addition, fall semester eligibility begins with the first day of the break period preceding the start of the semester, provided the student is registered and fees have been paid. The health fee covers only those services provided on campus. Outside referrals are at the expense of each student. We do not accept any outside insurance so additional expenses must be paid at the time they are received.

If you are not enrolled during summer term, but intend to return in the fall (“Continuing Student Status”), you may use the health services on a fee-per-visit basis (roughly 1/3 of the established fee) for the first 3 visits. After that, you do not have to pay a visit charge.

Patient Rights

  1. To be provided with courteous, considerate care, as well as being treated with respect.
  2. To ensure privacy and protect confidentiality with regard to treatment and medical records.
  3. To review your medical records in the company of a professional, but records will remain the property of Student Health Services.
  4. To be informed of cost of laboratory tests, pharmacy medications, immunizations and all other possible costs prior to agreeing to and receiving services or products.
  5. To be informed of the effectiveness of treatment, and to know of possible risks, side effects, or alternate methods of treatment.
  6. To have the choice of a provider and to change providers if desired.
  7. To know who is treating you and how to provide feedback, including complaints.
  8. To refuse treatment, ask for a second opinion, take an alternative course of treatment, and to be informed of the medical consequences of your actions.
  9. To have reasonable attempts made for health care professionals and other staff to communicate in the language or manner primarily used by the patient.
  10. To be informed of personal responsibilities involved in seeking medical treatment and maintaining health and well-being after treatment.
  11. To bring any dissatisfaction to the attention of the attending health professional, Lead Physician, the Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) Liaison, or the Director of Student Health Services by calling (909) 869-4000 and asking to speak with any of the above persons or by accessing the website.

Patient Responsibilities

  1. To be respectful of all health care professionals and staff as well as other patients.
  2. To present accurate identifying information.
  3. To present details of illness or complaint in a direct and straightforward manner.
  4. To cooperate responsibly with all persons involved in the health care process.
  5. To keep appointments on time and be responsible for any fees charged.
  6. To cancel appointments only when absolutely necessary, and far enough in advance so that other patients might utilize that time.
  7. To comply with the treatment plan provided by the health care professional.
  8. To ask for clarification whenever information or instructions are not understood.
  9. To provide both positive and negative feedback to the health professional responsible for care.
  10. To prohibit the use of mobile devices and allow their use to the common areas such as outside the clinic and lobby areas only.