Student Health and Wellness Services

Services for Non-CPP Students

While the majority of our services are provided to enrolled Cal Poly Pomona students, we are also licensed to offer limited medical services to faculty, staff, visitors and conference attendees in accordance with the guidelines below:

FACULTY AND STAFF are treated for care as it relates to required University programs (e.g., DMV physicals, immunizations required for official university travel, etc.). Fees are billed to the department requesting the services. As a courtesy, faculty or staff with non-industrial injuries or illness can obtain minor first aid at no cost. 

STATE AND FOUNDATION EMPLOYEE INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENTS that require more than minor first aid are referred to the industrial clinic designated by Risk Management.

CONFERENCE ATTENDEES OR OTHER STUDENT STATUS (those people staying for an extended length of time as part of an educational program, either in the Residence Halls or in Kellogg West; students enrolled in the College of Extended U., Open University, or ESL programs) are eligible to receive minor first aid treatment (no charge) as well as routine medical care, on a $30/visit charge (e.g., treatment for a sore throat, abdominal pain, or other ailments that would normally be treated by a family doctor). They may also fill prescriptions at the Pharmacy, at the rates normally charged to students.

VISITORS (guests on campus for the day, who are not staying overnight as part of a conference or program) are eligible to receive minor first aid treatment at Health Services at no charge. If further medical care should be deemed necessary, the individual will be referred to his/her own physician or to a hospital emergency room.

STUDENTS FROM OTHER CSU CAMPUSES are eligible for basic services at Student Health and Wellness Services. They must meet the same eligibility and fee requirements as applies to CPP students.