Student Health and Wellness Services

TB Screening

Tuberculosis screening and detection is done by a tuberculin skin test (Mantoux test) where a small amount of fluid is injected in the skin of the arm. The test is very safe, even during pregnancy.

The injection site is examined 48 to 72 hours later to see the reaction. A positive skin test means that a person has been infected with TB. This usually does not mean that the infected person has active TB. A clinical evaluation, a chest x-ray, and a sputum evaluation will be done to verify the presence or absence of active TB.

Once the tuberculin skin test is positive, it usually stays positive indefinitely and is not repeated. There is also a blood test to detect TB infection. Currently it is available only through a hospital laboratory and is very expensive.

While we do not charge for this screening process, you will be scheduled for 2 visits in order to return and be read. Please call 909-869-4000 to schedule these appointments.