Student Health and Wellness Services

Health Education and Other Services

Education, workshops and groups can help to reduce or eliminate negative outcomes associated with drug and alcohol use. We integrate motivational interviewing and harm reduction strategies in our services.

Motivational interviewing is a person-centered approach that addresses someone’s mixed feelings to change an aspect of their substance use. Harm reduction is helpful for those who do not wish to abstain from substances, but prefer to reduce frequency and any harms associated with use.

Here are some examples of the services provided at the Wellness Center.

One-on One session with a health educator, where students can learn more about drugs or talk about their own drug use expectations, behaviors, triggers and stress. You can request a one-on-one session here  

Group workshops or lectures, where students can learn about drugs with classmates or friends. You can request a workshop here  

SMART Recovery on-line group meetings for those who want to abstain from or stop using alcohol or drugs. SMART Recovery meetings can be found on Mybar.

Narcan Distribution Program complete this form to request Narcan Nasal Spray 

Nicotine Replacement Therapy 

Screen U for alcohol, prescription medication and cannabis is a resource that can help you identify if you are experiencing negative consequences because of your alcohol or drug use. Based on your responses, you will receive non-judgmental feedback encouraging you to think about your choices that may be putting you at risk for harmful consequences. It can also provide ways for you to keep yourself and your friends safer.

Screen U for Alcohol 

Screen U for Prescription Medication  

Screen U for Cannabis