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Healthy Dining Hall Eating

Eat Well at CPP

The Eat Well campaign around campus works towards meeting the nutritional needs of students. Eat Well provides options to every student, recognizing that every student has different needs (i.e. vegetarian, gluten free, nut allergies, etc.)

National Eating Disorders Association

How to help a loved one:

Screening tool for ages 13+:

NEDA Helpline: (800) 931-2237
Available Mon-Thurs. 9am- 9pm EST and Fri. 9am-5pm EST

Broncos Care Basic Needs

For students experiencing housing instability, food insecurity and other emergency/crisis situations.

Judy Juarez Crawford
Care Services Coordinator
(909) 869-2763

Eat Right

What's In Season?

How to pick fruits and vegetables.