Student Health and Wellness Services

Other Drugs

If you or someone you know uses recreational drugs or prescription drugs for reasons other than what they were prescribed for, the following tips and resources can be helpful to reduce harm and unintended outcomes.

  1. Know how to refuse if you don’t feel like using drugs. Its ok to say “no”, or to give a reason like “I don’t like how it makes me feel” or “I have to get up early tomorrow”.
  2. If you do use a drug, keep in mind that it might make you less likely to remember to drink water, eat, and/or get enough sleep.
  3. Drugs vary in their potency, effects, and how long they take to work, so never drive after taking drugs. The motto “go low and start slow” is good to remember and means start with a low dose and wait for a while before using more of a substance.
  4. Mixing different types of drugs, or mixing drugs with alcohol can increase negative outcomes and should be avoided.
  5. When using a recreational drug or a prescription drug given to you by someone other than a medical provider, you never know for sure what is actually in that drug. The only way to be sure is by using a drug testing kit from places like
  6. Using drugs can impair your decision making abilities and can increase chances for unprotected or unwanted sexual activity.
  7. Always use the “buddy system” if you or someone you know chooses to use drugs. This means that you stay with a person and they stay with you, and that you look out for one another to avoid overdose and other unintended consequences.
If you want to talk with a Health Educator about any aspect of drug use, call the Bronco Wellness Center at (909)869-5272 to make an appointment.

Below are more resources to reduce harm from drug use: