Student Health and Wellness Services

Wellness Card

What is the Wellness Card Program?

The Wellness Card program is designed to increase your awareness of the services available through the Bronco Wellness Center. Our goal is to help you stay well and make informed choices.


Looking for an out-of-class activity that is educational and beneficial for your class? The Wellness Card has been well-received by many faculty on campus. Research shows that healthier students perform better academically*. 

  • University of Minnesota. "Grades In College Directly Linked To Health-Related Behaviors." ScienceDaily 22 October 2008.
  • M. Scott Deberard, Glen I. Spielmans, Deana L. Julka; Predictors of Academic Achievement and Retention among College Freshmen: A Longitudinal Study; College Student Journal, Vol. 38, 2004

How Does It Work?

  1. Complete a total of 3 assessments (1 from each of the 3 areas below).
  2. Complete the activities as indicated and review them with a Wellness Center staff member.
  3. Once you complete a total of 3 assessments, have a Wellness Center staff member stamp your completed card.

Wellness Card Assessments

In-Person Assessments

(Complete at the Bronco Wellness Center)
  • Demonstrate Condom Proficiency: using a model, correctly demonstrate how to use a condom
  • Create a Healthy Plate: demonstrate what constitutes a standard serving size and the # of servings per food group for an individual
  • Food Safety: how to prepare and store food safely
  • Aerobic Capacity: 3-minute step test to assess cardiovascular endurance of the heart
  • Blood Pressure: assesses blood pressure and provides information on how to maintain a healthy range and/or lower bp if needed
  • Strength: grip strength, wall sit, and plank exercises
  • Pour Me a Drink: demonstrates proper serving size of the different types of alcohol (beer, wine, shots, mixed drinks)

Online-Only Assessments

(Complete and bring verification to the Bronco Wellness Center)