Principles of Community
Office of Inclusive Excellence

Principles of Community

What are Principles of Community?

Principles of community are a set of guiding values, norms, and expectations that an organization, institution, or community establishes to foster a positive and inclusive environment. In the context of colleges and universities, principles of community articulate the shared values and expectations that members of the academic community are encouraged to uphold. These principles are designed to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and respectful behavior among students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

Why are Principles of Community Important?

College campuses thrive on diversity, bringing together individuals from varied backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. The establishment of principles of community is pivotal in crafting an inclusive atmosphere, ensuring that every member feels esteemed and respected, regardless of their unique differences.

These clearly defined principles not only set expectations for behavior and interactions but also cultivate a positive campus culture. Within this environment, students, faculty, and staff feel a sense of safety, support, and encouragement to freely express themselves and engage in constructive dialogue.

Moreover, these principles serve as a robust framework for addressing conflicts and disputes. Shared values and guidelines make it easier to navigate disagreements and misunderstandings in a fair and respectful manner.

By articulating these principles, we proactively work towards preventing discrimination, harassment, and other forms of misconduct. Establishing behavioral expectations enables the campus community to collaboratively foster an environment free from discrimination and intolerance.

In essence, principles of community form the bedrock of a positive, inclusive, and supportive campus environment. They play a pivotal role in contributing to the holistic development and success of all individuals within the academic community.

How Will Principles of Community Be Developed for Cal Poly Pomona?

The development of Cal Poly Pomona’s Principles of Community will be a collaborative and iterative process involving a wide range of stakeholders. By involving a broad range of stakeholders and fostering open communication, we aim to create principles of community that reflect the shared values of the campus and contribute to a positive and inclusive environment.

The process will begin with a campus-wide assessment to gather input from the campus community. All members of the Cal Poly Pomona community will be sent a link to a survey where they can share their thoughts on the values that they feel that we should uphold as a campus. The survey period will open on Jan. 24 - Feb. 9.

Based on the information gathered, a set of principles will be drafted, and this draft will be shared with the campus community for feedback. Adjustments and refinements will be made in an iterative process to arrive at a final draft. Once this draft has been approved, the finalized principles will be communicated to the entire campus community and disseminated through a variety of channels.