Information Security

IT (ATI) Procurement Review

The CSU and Cal Poly Pomona are committed to ensure that all of its programs, services, and data are secure, as well as accessible and usable by all students, staff and faculty, including those with disabilities.  
  • Security procurement reviews include, but are not limited to compliance with CSU ICSUAM SEction 8000, CPP Policies, Procedures and Guidelines, NIST,  ISO27001-2,  HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA,  and GDPR,
  • Accessible procurement reviews are conducted with the following standards:  Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, WCAG 2.0AA, and WAI-ARIA.  

Do I need an ATI/IT Review? 

  • All Information & Communication Technology (ICT) are reviewed for compliance for accessibility and security standards.

What is ICT?

  • Anything that creates, stores, or transfers digital information.   
  • Information technology and other equipment, systems, technologies, or processes, for which the principal function is the creation, manipulation, storage, display, receipt, or transmission of electronic data and information, as well as any associated content.
  • Examples include websites, web applications, copiers/printers, instructional equipment and applications, video and multimedia products, software, operating systems, kiosk, desktop and portable computers, research applications, etc.

Submit an ATI/IT Review 

  • To submit an ATI/IT Review, click ATI/IT Review or search “ATI” on eHelp after you have logged into eHelp

CPP ATI/IT Review Process 

For more information about IT/ATI Procurement reviews, please contact Judy Shui (909) 979-6484 or Carol Gonzales 909-979-6457.