Journal of East-West Thought

Call for Papers

Journal of East-West Thought: ISSN 2161-7236, credit pageJET welcomes articles on East-West Thought in the following categories:

  1. Universalism, Cosmopolitanism and Global Justice
  2. Theories of Justice
  3. Pluralism, Enclusivism and Muilty-culturalism
  4. Contemporary Moral Issues
  5. Contemporary Epistemological Issues
  6. Contemporary Esthetical Issues
  7. Contemporary Ontological Issues
  8. Civilizational Coexistence and Cooperation
  9. Reformation, Institutionalization, and Constitutionalization
  10. Philosophy of Disasters, Crises, and Conflicts
  11. Theories of Communications
  12. Theories of Languages and Hermeneutics
  13. Naturalism and Ecological Thoughts
  14. Contemporary Capitalization and Privatization
  15. Post-Modernism, Post-Marxism, Post-Communism, and Post-Revolutionism
  16. Americanism, De-Americanism, Anti-Americanism, and Post-Americanism
  17. Globalization and Polarization
  18. Scientification and Technologication
  19. Nationalism, Patriotism and Militarism
  20. East-West Philosophies, Religions and Cultures
  21. Other Related Issues.

For more information, see the manuscript guidelines.